The Painted Lioness

There is much resonance, energy, and symbolism in the name ‘The Painted Lioness.’

My essence and experience as a Woman in this life time governs how I am in this World.

I move through my life intuitively, passionately and powerfully. I grow more and more each day, each year, each decade in my love of Self and all that encompasses as a Woman – my family – my friends – the Sisterhood – all Beings – our World.

The essence of the Lioness – her strength – power – and wild nature ALL call to my wild woman. 

​Her essence supports me in living a truly authentic life and gives me added strength when facing challenges.

The word ‘Painted’ not only symbolizes my journey as an Artist but also the celebration of my journey as a Woman through the ancient Art of Tattooing on my physical body. In life I am a ‘painted’ Woman celebrating my journey in sacred images that hold deep and soulful meaning to me. 

The photo of the tattoo that I have included here on this page symbolizes the Sacred Union of my Masculine and Feminine energies; whilst also capturing the journey of my husband and I through our astrological signs – Leo and Virgo.

The name for my creative home ‘The Painted Lioness’ was gifted to me in one of those quiet and precious times of ‘being’ that I seek to have more and more of in my daily life. I am filled with love and gratitude for the gifting of this name to me from Spirit.